Note: Sustainable Arizona is on hiatus. We shall not engage in any projects until our renewal process has completed.


Sustainable Arizona® pursues education for sustainability as a core commitment. Education for sustainability is a process that engages students in the real world outside the classroom. It is an experiential learning system that encourages students to learn how natural systems function and use those guiding principles as a framework for learning other disciplines. The objective is to meet the true needs of education: to prepare students to thrive in the world and contribute positively to their communities.

At this time, we are engaged with SEDI, the Sustainable Economic Development Initiative of Northern Arizona, in the Teacher Awards For Sustainable Curriculum (TASC). These awards were developed when the former president of Sustainable Arizona headed the SEDI Education Team. Teachers are recognized for their innovative educational programs that help students excel in school and prepare them to thrive in the world. Before the pandemic interfered with our schools, thanks in part to funding from our board, the TASC awards gave out more than $100,000 to teachers from schools across Northern Arizona.

Sustainable Arizona also supports several gardens in schools programs. These programs use the natural systems required for gardening to help students develop a framework for learning STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) and other important disciplines, such as history, communications, and leadership. In addition, we help acquire funding to support arts and afterschool programming in local schools.