logo_SA_fullSustainable Arizona®

Our Vision

Arizona is home to a flourishing, innovative, sustainable economy that supports prosperous, diverse, well-educated communities within a spectacular and cherished healthy environment.

Sustainable Arizona® is the process by which communities, businesses, civic and social groups, educational and environmental organizations collaborate to create self-reliant local economies that support thriving, diverse communities across the West.


Please Note: Sustainable Arizona is in a transition phase. During this time, we are not actively engaged in pursuing our mission or our proposed projects.

Sustainable Arizona® engages leaders in economic development, technology, education and community enhancement using the processes necessary to achieve sustainable development.

We accomplish this mission through:

  • the ongoing support of teachers and schools that implement education for sustainability practices and natural systems learning in the classroom
  • the education of the public and elected officials on the necessity and benefits of taking effective action to combat climate change and develop local resilient communities
  • the collaboration with business, civic and governmental organizations that are working towards sustainability goals
  • the networking, development and promotion of green businesses and practices
  • the acquisition and delivery of information on new resources, systems, technologies and methods for achieving sustainability
  • the alliance with leaders and experts to research, design and employ technologies and systems for local economic development and environmental restoration
  • the promulgation of the Sustainable Arizona Leadership model that fosters collaborations towards the creation of thriving local economies and communities
  • the creation of the EcoLearning Center to demonstrate models for self-reliance and more sustainable living in the Southwest
  • the development of pollution prevention, water conservation and alternative energy projects that bring long-term benefit to communities and their economies
  • the coordination of teams of specialists to provide appropriate services to businesses, governments, organizations and individuals working to achieve sustainability

Collaborate with us for a better today and tomorrow.